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Basic aspect

It is used like this
for the study
of its parts and points

The enneagram is a sacred symbol brought by Gurdjieff from an occult brother hood in Central Asia (Sarmoung), which depicts the fundamental cosmic laws of Three and Seven, that is, the laws of the Creation and the Maintenance of the World.

Studying the dynamics of the enneagram, we begin to understand how everything proceeds in the universe and in our lives. We begin to foresee the stages through which everything flows and we learn to predict the intervals where the processes lose their strength, the points where we must bring up the required chocks in order to continue.

The ignorance of the natural intervals and their characteristics leads most of us to hastily give up our goals, and to face natural challenges as adversity or misfortune.


Source: "THE ENNEAGRAM - Symbol of All and Everything", by Nathan Bernier.


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