Gurdjieff Brasil

Small Habits



"Self-observation is related with some precise practices.
If we begin to observe only how things happen, we'll not perceive too much; but if we try to struggle against some of these things we see, for instance, against small habits, we'll immediately begin to see many things we usually do not perceive. Everybody has small habits: a certain speed of walking, a way of moving hands,
of seating down, standing up, talking in a special manner. This struggle is not to obtain special results, but only for self-observation. May be, later, you can find out you have to free yourself from some habits,
but for the moment, this struggle must aim uniquely to the study of oneself." [1]




- Habits, Me?
- "Oh...oh... Wait... I am so conscious! Oh...oh... I really don’t know what I’m doing here. - - - Oh...oh...
- I was just passing by .... Oh...oh... I don’t need to struggle against any habit! Oh...oh... " (anonym).



[1] The Fourth Way
Views from the Real World — Early Talks with G.I.Gurdjieff