Gurdjieff Brasil

Many I's



Our personality is formed by many I's
that alternates in the command of our actions.
Most of the times they don't know each other
and usually they have conflicting desires and intentions.




Who, me?
"I often assume an engagement for the next day and next day I don't want to keep it. I feel like if I was two personages, one that wants to keep it, and other that doesn't wants to. Who leads, depends of the moment. This makes my life difficult, because I remain insecure about trusting myself. How will I be tomorrow?" (D.M.)

I get crazy about that!
"I say I will learn to play guitar, but afterwards I feel lazy about going to the class, so I desist. Then, I watch a fantastic jazz show and I think my destiny is the saxophone. And them my friend begins to play his clarinet, and I immediately change my opinion. What can I do with myself?" (L.C.)



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