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USA, 2005. Genre: Comedy / Drama
Directed by Mike Mills - Writing credits: Walter Kirn (novel) Mike Mills

— Look, Justin, there was nothing wrong with you.

— I felt like everything was wrong with me.

— It's because we don't want to have problems.

To fix ourselves, we look for a magic solution to make us fell better, but we don't know what we're doing.

And why is that so bad? Afterall it's all we humans can do: guess, try, hope.

— But Justin, I just pray you don't fool your self and think you've got the answer. Because that's bullshit.

The trick is living without an answer ...I think!

Dubbed "the King Kong of oral obsessives" by his hippie dentist, Justin Cobb is a 16-year-old desperate to find a way to break this embarrassing habit he has retained since infancy. His father, a former football star, tries to help by providing an antidotal cayenne-pepper cream and a healthy dose of fly-fishing. His mother, who works as a nurse helping the rich and famous sober up, seems more concerned with a fantasy romantic relationship with TV-star Don Johnson than with her son's problems. Hypnosis seems to work, but the problem surfaces in other forms from drug addiction to alcoholism.