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I Am


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I am the Enneagram

I am a symbol that encloses knowledge and power. I represent the cyclic processes of transformation. I can help you to see yourself from the inside and from the outside.

I am Magic

I can activate unknown forces that act according to the universal laws of World-creation and World-maintenance. My shape generates spontaneous energy if contemplated, traced, imagined, studied, guessed, represented, or danced.

I am the Way

I point the way to the harmonious development of Man.

I am a Tool

I am a universal tool for solving problems of being and action.
I am useful for research and discovering new things and ideas,
and for understanding those already known. I can be applied to your inner life subjects, as well as the outer, material life. I am a tool for planning and doing, which induces the examination and definition of all the stages needed to develop a process for transformation. I am helpful to self-knowledge, psychology, and interpersonal relationships.

I am Unity

I represent unity in multiplicity, cyclic and recurrent unity, time, and eternity. I always suggest transformation, either in dynamic processes, such as system or function, or in static data, such as hierarchical classification, or systemic representation.

I am Two

I am symmetric in relation to a vertical invisible line that corresponds to the fire of transformation. See me as yourself, not like a mirror image, but as others see you, as you would see your neighbor. My left side - which you see on your right - can represent the intellect, mind, reason, logic, the world of ideas, the past, the already experienced, and introversion. My right side can represent the emotional, the world of actualization, reality, the artistic, the social, love, the future, and extroversion. Thus, I can be seen and interpreted like the two cerebral hemispheres in man, unconscious and conscious, Yin and Yang.

I am Three

My duality, the bilateral symmetry, is neutralized by the central vertical line, forming a balanced triad, just as the two cerebral hemispheres and the spinal marrow. I represent the essence of the Law of Three. I embrace the activity of the seven Triads, from the perfect one to the triads of creation, evolution, identity, interaction, order, and freedom.

I am Three and Four

I am composed of three parts (the circle, the triangle and the hexade) that are four, when we consider the central implicit point, the Unmanifested. The circle, as the first limitation of the Absolute, stands for existence and cyclic recurrence. The triangle symbolizes the law of Creation. The hexade symbolizes the law of the Octave, or functioning.

I am Music

My nine points correspond to the seven notes (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si) and the two intervals (Mi-Fa and Si-Do) of a musical octave. But I am more than just one octave. I am the melody, the harmony, and the rhythm.

I am Complete and Endless

Through the universal laws of World-creation and World-maintenance, I am the model of all cyclic processes of transformation, in all their stages, and with all their details, through my own unsuspected details. Think about all that exists beneath the depth of my clean appearance: I have many levels and many dimensions.
The more you search, the more you will find!

I am a Spiral and Transcendental

To every end, there corresponds a new beginning. Three-dimensional in each cycle, I represent the three octaves of Creation and Evolution. The Great Octave begins at the top of the Triangle, and is accomplished in the first turn. The Second and the Third octaves begin at the two other vertices of the Triangle. After that, there begins again a new octave - if everything has proceeded correctly, this time at another level. Never forget that each vertex of the Triangle is a point of contact with the exterior!

I am Dynamic

I am movement itself, and I am more than movement. I follow simultaneously the chronological cycle, eternity, and a timeless inner functioning cycle. At each one of my points, I am already ahead of, and I also evoke previous stages, for feedback, along the arcs of the circle, or along my internal lines. I am never still. I represent existence, therefore, the constant and permanent mutations of all that is manifested and actualized.

I am Sacred as Life

The sacred geometry and the sacred proportions that constitute me tell those who can hear and show those who can see, objective realities that influence even those who have not yet been touched by this understanding. My design contains elements and relations that can only be completely understood by direct revelation, under high states of consciousness.
I represent all processes, such as life, maintained by self-renovation.

I am the Truth

"You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."
Even if you cannot understand me now, it is possible that you feel - not with your mind, but within your heart - and intuitively something secret, which you can trust and which will bring you faith.

I am


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